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Launching a Graphical Installer Wizard (RAD & Installer)
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Standalone application
Configuration of Graphical Installer Wizard (Standalone application)
Launching a Graphical Installer Wizard (Standalone application)

Graphical Installer for Inno Setup Online Help

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Graphical Installer

  • Fully customizable graphical interface

    It is possible to change graphic look of whole installer - background picture, icons, buttons and more! See the list:

    • Custom picture for installer background more details...

      Jpeg, Bitmap, or Gif file - usually 690 x 496 pixels

    • Custom icons more details...


    • Custom picture for buttons more details...


    • Custom color for texts more details...

      Headers/Labels/Links/Static texts/...

    • Custom colors for buttons texts in various situations more details...

      normal/focused/pressed/disabled state

    • Custom colors for installation progress bar more details...

      Foreground and background colors

  • Creating installers with irregular windows

    Part of window can be fully transparent - you are no more tied to rectangular shape!

  • Easy integratable to existing Inno Setup scripts

    All you need is to add references to installer's scripts, no hard-coding is necessarry!

  • Templates and examples for instant start

    We provide many templates and examples, so your installer can be finished in few minutes!

  • "Graphical Installer Wizard" for creating new and converting existing Inno Setup scripts

    Plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio, RAD Studio, IS Studio and Standalone application for fast creating Inno Setup scripts with custom design.

  • Full 100% compatibility with other Inno Setup plug-ins and functions

    This product use the same core as traditional Inno Setup installers - so there is no difference in writing scripts!

  • Custom dialogs and interfaces

    Thanks to Pascal Scripting language it is easy to add custom wizard pages and elements to them (TextBoxes, CheckBoxes ...).

  • Support for multiple languages (also Unicode languages)

    Fully multilingual support (including RTL languages) in one installer.

  • Simple switching between 'skinned' and 'classic' design of installer

    Modify only single line of script to completely change the design of your installer.

For Inno Setup features visit Inno Setup website.


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