GI for Inno Setup 4.01 (Selka)


After two years of work Inno developers released new version of Inno Setup: 5.6.0 and 5.6.1 with many changes and important fixes. This is an important release and we updated our product Graphical Installer for Inno Setup to version 4.01 (Selka) to support these changes.

The new version is packed with new features, fixes and improvements.

Major changes:

  • Support for Inno Setup 5.6.1 (also contain changes from version 5.6.0)
  • New feature: Dragging installer window with mouse in lower area [function WizardForm.EnableDragging()]
  • New tool: SetupProjects Converter - application with user friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface) that converts Microsoft Visual Studio Setup and Deploy projects (.vdproj), InstallShield Limited Edition projects (.isl) and Advanced Installer Projects (.aip) into NSIS (.nsi) and Inno Setup scripts (.iss)
  • New tool MessageBox Designer - an application for fast and easy creating of MessageBox instructions (script generator)
  • Improved behavior in enviroments with various high DPI settings
  • Installer now speaks French language. Bonjour :-)
  • Graphical Installer Wizard v1.10.01:
  • - Improved script generation (with new symbols)
  • - Checking for new version
  • - Fixes and optimizations
  • - Full support for 3 IDEs (Visual Studio+Visual & installer, RAD Studio+RAD & Installer, Inno Script Studio) and standalone application
  • Updated tools (BitmapCutter + GUI, v1.11.01)
  • Various improvements and fixes

Minor changes:

  • Updated manual (section SetupProjects Converter)
  • Fixed wrong links

See enclosed documents (Readme and Changelog) for more details.

Do not hesitate and visit the Purchase page where you can download Trial version for FREE!

unSigned team