How Graphical Installer works?

If you have any NSIS or Inno Setup installed on you machine you can create "regular" installers with them.
Why regular? Because the all of the generated installers look the same. Here are two pictures of such installers and the third picture shows how such installer is created:

  • Regular installer - Inno SetupRegular installer - Inno SetupRegular installer - Inno Setup
  • Regular installer - NSISRegular installer - NSISRegular installer - NSIS
  • Creating Regular installerCreating Regular installerCreating Regular installer

When you create script file and compile it you get such regular installer. There is no difference if you have an installer for video game, software, driver, utility or other kind. All look the same (OK there are some elements like icon or top image which can be changed but that is not enough) and that is why we call them Regular.

  • Creating Graphical InstallerCreating Graphical InstallerCreating Graphical Installer
If you install Graphical Installer your installers will look totally different than any others. That is because you can choose your own design which make your installer genuine and unique. Graphical Installer contains files and utilies which enhance your installation system and add new features into it.

All you need is to update your script with appropriate calls to Graphical Installer API, create graphic data (background picture, buttons, ...) and compile everything together. Such installer with custom design we call Graphical Installer powered installer. See the compilation process for Graphical Installer powered installer in the picture to the left.

It is not complicated at all! Everything is automated so you will not even recognize the difference. API is powerfull and you need to add only a few lines of code into your existing script to enahance it by cool looking design.

How to create an installer?

As both installation systems - NSIS and Inno Setup - are script based you need to write the script for your installer. That can be really boring. But we provide special tool called Graphical Installer Wizard - professional and user-friendly tool for easy creating of Graphical Installer powered installers. This tool has 2 purposes:

  • Creating (Generating) new installers - GIW can quickly and easily generate whole cool looking skinned installer for you. There is no need to write a single line of script!

  • Converting existing scripts and installers - If you have an existing NSIS or Inno Setup installer you can convert it into skinned one with a few clicks!

  • Graphical Installer Wizard integrationGraphical Installer Wizard integrationGraphical Installer Wizard integration
There are several IDEs for every installation system. We integrated GIW into most used ones. Creating of the installer looks like the picture to the left.

So: by using Graphical Installer + Graphical Installer Wizard (for your favorite IDE) you can easily create cool looking installers with custom design!
Of course you can create your installer without Graphical Installer Wizard (manually by writing the script file as text) - but we assume using Wizard is much more comfortable!

Graphical Installer Wizard can be installed during installation of Graphical Installer but also it can be found in Visual & Installer installation package (as Visual Studio extension).

Do not forget: you have to install both - Graphical Installer + Graphical Installer Wizard for your IDE to compile installers successfully!