We have almost a hundred of satisfied clients in more than 20 countries on all continents and we pride ourselves on providing the best possible support. Here are a selection of comments we have received from our clients (we have the original contact details).

  • Thank you for all your support :D It has been really awesome to work with your plugin, and I'll happily recommend your product.

    Amador, Mexico

  • Thanks for all your support! It gladdens us that you like our installer :) With people like you it's a pleasure releasing games.

    Jonas, USA

  • Thanks, your product looks neat. I will definitely use it.

    Jeffrey, Canada

  • Excluding one issue, everything else has worked fine and very smooth. Congratulations for your product, I like it very much. Also, your assistance has been excellent!

    Nelson, France

  • Again, thanks in advance and I'll wait for new release of your product.

    Raj, India

  • Our installer looks awesome, thanks your plugin. We will recommend it to all our friends!

    Marek, Slovakia (translated)

  • Thanks for getting in touch and introducing your services. Your work seems very interesting, and we'll certainly use it in the future.

    Alex, Germany

  • Thanks for your offer. We were looking for similar tool and your's fits us perfectly.

    Michal, Slovakia (translated)

  • Thanks for the offer. We've decided to do this. It is cool and not too expensive, and we are just too tired of making the game and our installer which is not working at the moment. We can't find the energy to go modify it yet again and test stuff yet again. Using your product and services will save our time.

    Sjoerd, Sweden

  • I will certainly keep it in mind for any next game or project we do though.

    Rene, Australia

  • The Installer looks good I would like to evaluate it. There is possibility to use it as downloader, few kB small which suits us.

    Martin, Czech republic (translated)

  • Thanks Slappy, very helpful. I look forward to working with you again.

    Simon, UK

  • I was really looking into using a proper installer as I wasn't happy with just a 7zip file, but that's what I had at the time. So for sure I'm interested and see what we work out.

    Tyler, USA

  • Looks like an amazing program, thanks for the offer. I'm extremely busy at the moment, so your services will save my time. A graphical installer for the game would make a nice addition.

    Henrik, Norway

  • Thank you for the excellent, simple, product.

    Mark, USA

  • Your installer code works great!

    Ryan, USA

  • I think your reliability, speed is good. So that diminishes the risk of $.

    Sanju, USA