What is our idea?

To create great-looking reliable products for You!

We have got a lot of experiences with NSIS and Inno Setup (the core members of our team work with NSIS for more than 8 years!) and we did everything possible with it, from the most basic of basic installers to freaky huge ones, so we know it's every trick. Our team has a very wide range of experience across operating systems and installer platforms. If you can do something in a desktop application, we can make an installer that does it.

Creating installers (scripting)
Developing installers in NSIS or Inno Setup, installation modifications, testing in various environments, and related stuff. We use Visual & Installer (Visual Studio extension) for development which is really fast and the resulting code is clean an nice.
Our rate is 29,- € per hour of work.
Programming services We use Visual Studio 2008 to 2015 for C/C++/C# projects and RAD Studio 2009 to XE8 for Delphi projects. After finishing the project we send you ALL sources so you really own everything!
Our rate is 29,- € per hour of work.
Skins creating
We can develop great looking skin for your installer - skin for frames, buttons, progress bar, list controls, headers, and many other components! Default format we use is SkinCrafter (.skf), but it is also possible to import MSXML (.xml) or Microsoft Styles (.msstyles) formats or edit your existing skin to fits Graphical Installer needs!

Main Services

Installers development & scripting
If you are not familiar with any install system we can create whole installer for you. In case you need something special in your installer, do not hesitate and contact us. We will try our best to fulfil your ideas. Be sure to let us know of your release date. On all our work we offer 3 months guarantee.

This service is not related to purchasement of Graphical Installer (as product). We can help you with creating any installer!
C/C++/C# and Delphi programming
Do you have something special which you need in your installer and it is so difficult that it cannot be completed using scripts??? We can offer you our C/C++/C# and Delphi programming services. This is most suitable in cases when you want to call Windows® API or your own code or EXE/DLL. Then we can create a C/C++/C# or Delphi plugin for you which will be called from NSIS (also from Inno Setup) and performs your actions. You can send us your sources or just tell us your idea and we will develop appropriate plugin in few hours!

Writing new installers
Do you need cool installer but you are unsure about our services? Don't worry! We write whole installer from supplied graphic resources (working .exe, this is called Proposal) which is risk-free for you, because you get to see and try the working installer before you pay for it. If you don't like it, you can walk away without paying us a cent. As of this writing, nobody's ever taken advantage of that avenue. Once you pay you get all the source scripts (also the installer's code) and you can start modifying it to fit your expectations.
Converting installers
Imagine this situation: you have your old bored installer made in XYZ system and you wish you have such cool NSIS installer as your competitor has? That is not problem for us! We can convert your old installer into NSIS! Currently these install systems are supported:
  • Advanced Installer 8
  • Install Creator 2.0
  • Setup Factory 9
  • Smart Install Maker 5
  • Wise Studio 7



Quality targeted services

We are very fast at what we do. That is because we are professionals. People have walked away from us with full blown installers with custom pages, etc. for only several bucks.

We are located in Europe, Slovakia (Central European Time (CET) = GMT+2), we are available from Monday to Friday.

Our programmers have advanced experiences with many programming languages and technologies so we are capable of regular outsourcing - we have already created tools and utilities (MFC, WPF, .NET, ...) for our clients. This programming can be - but does not have to be - related to installation systems.

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact us! Thanks!